Arxodos 14oz spray bottle

Arxodos is a breakthrough in athletic equipment odor control. With the use of this proprietary technology in a high tech bag on valve continuous spray can you can easily keep all of your athletic equipment protected from odor. This is a widespread problem in sports such as Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball and Soccer where the equipment does not get washed after use and is stored in a bag. Unlike other household fresheners which encapsulate or mask odor with a fragrance, Arxodos gets rid of the odor at the source. Arxodos contains a eco friendly proprietary antimicrobial agent to control odors when applied to sports equipment. With Arxodos, maintaining odor free sports equipment is easy. Just spray the equipment after each use and say goodbye to that awful smell!
Arxodos is proudly made in the U.S.A.

We Keep Your Sports Equipment Odor Free!

Arxodos Comes in a new 14oz Easy to Apply Continuous spray can. This is a CFC free Eco Friendly Bag-on-Valve technology that can even spray upside down! When you push the actuator Arxodos is forced out of the can by compressed air.

Environmentally Friendly!

Arxodos is biodegradable and safe to use on all sporting equipment!

Arxodos - 14 ounce spray bottle

14 ounce spray bottle of Arxodos.

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Price: $19.99

Arxodos - 12 Pack Spray Bottles

Try a case of Arxodos. Each case includes 12 of the continuous spray cans.

Price: $239.88


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Arxodos Is Easy To Use

Don’t spray your sports equipment with a household air freshener! They are designed to make your house smell better. Use the Arxodos the Original Sport equipment Deodorant. Get rid of sports equipment odors at the source!
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